Seminar in the Central Otava Museum in Strakonice, May 1992

This working seminar for art historians and restorers took place on the initiative of Academy Painter Alois Marian and PhDr. Z. Všetečková of the Institute for Art History of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences as one of the meetings introducing the continuity of the central European regions, overcoming the separation existing hitherto among state units. The contacts between South Bohemia and Upper Austria were presented in a number of lectures in the state which was in existence at the height of the Middle Ages, i. e. with awareness of the continuity of the activity of painter workshop-groups and individual authors of paintings for whom the borders between the state units of the time did not have the basic significance of a  division of cultural fields, not to mention different ideologies and styles. As the first Czech-Austro-German seminar of this type (there was also Polish participation) it was marked with certain shortcomings of an organisational nature, i. e. as far as concerns the ensuring of translations of the individual lectures, but the direct contact among the individual participants made up for everything that was missing in the official part. This is why what was most important were the two excursions, one South Bohemian, the other Austrian, during which there took place by the actual monuments, in the enviroment for which they were created, a sincere and extremely necessary dialogue of all participants. In spite of the fact that the main content of the seminar concerned art history it brought a number of findings on the technical construction of individual monuments of wall paintings (especially in the lectures and direct information of Alois Martan, Vlastimil Berger, Dr. Manfred Koller and Joseph Wintersteiger the main part of which we shall try to present together with documentation in the third issue of our Yearbook.

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